23 April, 2015

ZM’s Drive show hosts Jase Hawkins and PJ Harding are about to forgo breaks, sleep in general, and time with family and friends to attempt an epic New Zealand record breaking radio broadcast. Why? Because they want to and hope to raise money for a worthy case.

Jase and PJ are embarking on the 51 hour on-air marathon on ZM starting at 3pm this Wednesday, April 22, with the hope to go all the way through until 6pm Friday, April 24. The rules are simple – No stopping, no sleeping and they will talk after every two to four songs to guarantee no cheating.

Content Director for ZM, Sarah Gandy says, “ZM has done a lot of crazy broadcasts in the past but this is definitely at the next level. We’ve had to put checks in place to make sure they stick to broadcasting standards but the reality is anything could happen in those 51 hours”.

Jase says, “This is a perfect example of why I shouldn’t pitch stupid ideas in our show meetings. I apologise to New Zealand in advance for anything I may say during the 51 hours… I have a tendency to forget the microphone is live after the three hour mark.”

PJ says, “I’m an eight hours of sleep a night kind of girl, so this is going to be crazy and I reckon there’s going to be many awkward moments but I love the fact that we’re helping a good cause.”

With Anzac Day looming, Jase and PJ will encourage ZM listeners to ‘Pin a Poppy’ throughout the broadcast by donating online or via text to receive a virtual poppy to share via social media, or to save to desktops and devices via the website www.pinapoppy.co.nz, with proceeds going to the RSA Poppy Appeal.

A team of people will be on hand at all times to help Jase and PJ and find fun new ways to keep them awake! And a medical professional will monitor their wellbeing onsite during the duration of the broadcast.

After extensive research, the ZM team believe the mammoth 51 hour on-air marathon will be the longest broadcast in New Zealand radio history. The Guinness World Record for the longest radio broadcast is 84 hours and 15 minutes achieved by a radio station in Dubai, who during that time were allowed two hours and 35 minutes of rest time.

ZM’s attempt will be broadcast on the ZM network with a live video stream at ZMonline.com for the duration of the 51 hours on-air.

The fun-loving colleagues enjoyed international notoriety, after a video of them being pranked for April Fools by the ZM Breakfast Team (Fletch, Vaughan and Megan) went viral. Check out the video here: http://www.zmonline.com/video/fletch-vaughan-megan-use-the-whole-of-nz-to-prank-jase-pj




For further information or to speak to Sarah Gandy, Jase and PJ, please contact:

Niki Schuck PR

Rebecca Reid

+64 27 519 4994



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