8 May, 2014

Chief Executive Officer of the Radio Network (TRN), Jane Hastings, says that the latest TNS New Zealand Commercial Survey 1/2014 results released today show, with only eight stations compared to Mediaworks 11 stations, TRN has increased its overall share of radio listening in Auckland to 44.3% compared to Mediaworks 39.9%#.

“We have made a lot of changes to strengthen our stations for the future and we are very pleased to see a positive audience reaction so quickly.”

In Wellington TRN completely turned the tables on Mediaworks growing from 40.9% to 45.8% compared to a Mediaworks decline from 50.0 to 44.2#. This was most obvious in Breakfast where Mediaworks declined 6.2% and TRN grew 6%#.

Hastings says Christchurch is a work in progress.

“We are working hard in this area but highlights include Newstalk ZB retaining the number one position and the Classic Hits Breakfast show enjoying growth.” #

Key station highlights quotes and stats:

“Newstalk ZB is the nation’s number 1 station and has widened the gap over its talk competitor (12.6% compared to 3.5%)#. Its nearest talk competitor, RadioLive is in tenth position.”

“ZB goes from strength to strength led by Mike Hosking with a further growth in his audience share++ and Rachel Smalley’s new show increasing audience∞ and taking a dominant lead. Jack Tame, Andrew Dickens and Tony Veitch also increased*. We own weekend listening.”

    Newstalk ZB retains its number one share position# in NZ and number one for talk audience#*
    Newstalk ZB has more than double the listeners of its nearest competition (Radio Live) * (376,200 listeners compared to 157,700) which is ranked number 11 nationwide*

“Flava is the number one station for the hip hop youth audience (18-24 years old) ##.”

“Hauraki was already showing very positive results through social media engagement so to double our share with the 18-24 year olds## and to receive great feedback our new Breakfast show, is a further sign we’ve got it right.”

“ZM has held its position. Together with iHeartRadio, 2014 has already seen ZM secure and deliver the high performing concerts, like Eminem. The recent management changes are enabling us to reenergise the brand in 2014.”

    ZM is the number one Breakfast station (M-F 6am-9am) for 25-54 females in share### and audience**, this is the core audience for advertisers.

“iHeartRadio has grown from 50,000 in the last survey period to over 150,000 registered users with over 180,000 app downloads.”

“Classic Hits continues to lead compared to its nearest competitor More FM#* this delivers an even stronger audience for our advertisers.”

    Good lead in total share (Classic Hits share 7.7, More FM 5.4) # and total cumulative audience (24,100 more listeners)* relative to its nearest competitor More FM

“The changes we’ve made to Coast maintained its number one music position in New Zealand# but most pleasingly increased its listeners in the 25-54 year old market***.”

TNS New Zealand Commercial National Survey 1/2014 (unless otherwise stated)
* Cumulative Audience (000s), All 10+, Mon-Sun 12mn-12mn
** Cumulative Audience (000s), Females 25-54, Mon-Fri 6am-9am
*** Cumulative Audience (000s), All 25-54, Mon-Sun 12mn-12mn
# Station Share (%), All 10+, Mon-Sun 12mn-12mn
## Station Share (%), All 18-24, Mon-Sun 12mn-12mn
### Station Share (%),Females 25-54, Mon-Fri 6am-9am
∞ Station Share (%) and Cumulative Audience (000s), All 10+, Mon-Fri 5am-6am
++ Station Share (%),All 10+, Mon-Fri 6am-9am

Below are the highlights of the T1/2014 survey for the various regions:

General Manager of TRN Auckland, Simon Virtue says the results confirm that TRN dominate the total listening audience!+ and the Auckland breakfast audience by a clear margin+.

“We have maintained or grown our listening amongst our key target audiences and amongst the core consumer spending demographics which are so important to you our clients. We are particularly pleased with the new talent we have introduced who all have played a large part in our results.”


    Newstalk ZB continues to dominate the Auckland market with more listeners than any other station and Hosking along with our new talent of Smalley, Tame and Veitch who had significant growth and collectively continue to dominate talk radio.+*
    Radio Sport talent continues to grow it’s listening+ and maintains its position as the number one sport station in the Auckland market *+ Devlin’s return to Sport has had an immediate impact in lifting his audience.
    ZM is number 1 all people 25-44, a key group of your customers**
    Classic Hits holds the number 1 position for female daytime listening – a large and influential shopping audience++
    Coast maintains its position as the number 1 music station+. The Coast CD was the number one selling CD in retail!
    Hauraki grew its audience which is a reflection of the new change in direction and talent*
    Flava is the number 1 station with the youth market***

TNS New Zealand Commercial Auckland Database Survey 1/2014
* Station cume, (000s) all 10+ Monday-Sunday, 12mn-12mn
+ Station share (%), all 10+ Monday-Sunday, 12mn-12mn
** AP25-44 Cume, (000’s) Monday-Sunday, 12mn-12mn
++ 10+Females Share (%) Monday – Friday 9a-5p
*** Station share, All 18-24 Share (%) years, Monday-Sunday, 12mn-12mn
# All 10+ Cume (000’s) All statons except Times FM

General Manager of TRN Wellington Rhys Nimmo says they are completely stoked with the results.
“It has been an excellent result for TRN Wellington. Particularly pleasing not only to see the continued dominance of ZM and Newstalk ZB but also the increase across the board with all our stations performing well to give us the lion’s share of total audience listening in Wellington.^”


    Newstalk ZB holds the biggest share of listening and is the outright number one station in Wellington.* Local morning host Tim Fookes increased listening by an impressive 5.7 percentage points to 12.9.+
    ZM is once again the number one music station^ with the Morning Crew Polly and Grant also number 1 music breakfast show.^^
    ZM remains a clear number one in the 18-34#, 25-44## and 25-54### demographics.
    Classic Hits continues to dominate rival More FM with double the listening audience in females 25-54.^^^
    Flava is the number one Hip Hop and R and B music station, beating Mai FM after only its second survey in the market.*
    Radio Sport with the inclusion of the Crowd Goes Wild Breakfast Show and Martin Devlin Mornings is the number two talk station in Wellington.^
    New look Hauraki continues to grow increasing 18-34 listening an impressive 40% from 5.5 to 7.7#
    Another gain for Coast lifting overall listening from 4.6 to 5.7*, with significant growth in the all-important Main Grocery Shopper consumer group*.
    iHeartRadio continues to go from strength to strength with an audience of 178,000 unique visitors and 180,000 app downloads! That’s massive! Register online, or down load the app on your smart phone – it’s absolutely free. All of our radio stations are there plus many more listening options to discover.

TNS New Zealand Commercial Wellington Survey 1/2014
* Station share (%), all 10+, Monday-Sunday, 12mn-12mn, unless otherwise stated
+Station share (%), all 10+, Monday-Friday, 9am-12md
++Station share (%), all 10+, Monday-Friday, 6am-9am
^ Station cume, all 10+, Monday-Sunday 12mn-12mn
^^ Station cume, all 10+, Monday-Friday, 6am-9am
^^^ Station cume, Females 25-54 Monday-Sunday. 12mn-12mn
# Station share (%), all 18-34, Monday-Sunday, 12mn-12mn
##Station share (%), all 25-44, Monday-Sunday, 12mn-12mn
###Station share (%), all 25-54, Monday-Sunday, 12mn-12mn

General Manager of TRN Christchurch Rosa Carter says Newstalk ZB is a highlight.
“Huge congratulations to Chris Lynch for retaining the number one position in Christchurch. It’s a show that really resonates with locals.”


    Newstalk ZB dominates as the number one radio station+
    Mike Hosking is the number one breakfast show++
    Chris Lynch’s local morning show retains the number one position +++
    Radio Sport continues to be a clear winner with Cantabrian sport fans. Audience share has increased in all key day parts^
    ZM’s Night Show resonates with Christchurch youth, being the #1 with all 18-24 year olds ^^
    Hauraki has tripled its station share, since last survey, with it’s important 18-34 year old male audience#

TNS New Zealand Commercial Christchurch Survey 1/2014
+ Station share (%), all 10+ Monday-Sunday, 12mn-12mn
++ Station share (%), all 10+ Monday-Friday, 6am-9am
+++ Station share (%), all 10+ Monday-Friday, 9am-12md
^ Station share (%), all 10+ Monday-Friday, 6am-4pm
^^ Station share (%), all 18-24 Monday-Friday 7pm-12mn
* Station share (%), Males 18-34, Monday-Sunday, 12mn-12mn