30 May, 2014


  • The Herald shows readership growth across all platforms
  • Readers continue to be highly engaged as media consumption changes and platforms evolve
  • The Herald is the best way to reach a large and high quality audience

The latest CMI results released by Nielsen today reveal 75% of kiwis are engaging with news content each week across print and digital. News brands in New Zealand are more relevant and more effective at reaching consumers now than they were 15 years ago, as total reach has increased by 20% over this period.

The New Zealand Herald is leading this growth, increasing by 10,000 readers a week across print, desktop, mobile and tablet to 1,349,000 including the weekday Herald gaining 5,000 readers in the last quarter.

Kursten Shalfoon, Chief Marketing Officer at APN says: “Understanding what motivates our customers to engage with us plays an integral part in everything we do. We’ve evolved and responded proactively to changes in how readers consume media and how we subsequently interact with them. We put our readers at the heart of our decision making to deliver a portfolio of market leading brands across a wide range of devices.

News content remains highly relevant to New Zealanders as they increasingly turn to the Herald to get the very latest news, opinion and debate.”

A key driver to the Herald’s growth is through the continuous development of digital products such as the launch of both the Viva app and Bite magazine digital platforms. Nielsen’s NetView shows the Herald’s monthly unique audience has increased by 23% compared to last year, the highest number of New Zealanders ever engaging with the brand (1,210,573).

Engagement with our digital content remains incredibly strong with the Herald’s average session duration on desktop currently at 5.03 minutes, 65% stronger than the average for our nearest competing news sites. Growth in mobile has seen the Herald’s mobile site and apps reach their highest ever levels, with the mobile site up 98% in the last twelve months, and the app audience has grown by 31% as readers look to their mobile devices to get news updates throughout the day.

Engagement with our print products also remains strong with consumers spending on average 35 minutes reading the weekday Herald, 52 minutes with Weekend Herald, and 45 minutes reading Herald on Sunday.

The Herald on Sunday continues its great run, gaining 5,000 readers on this time last year, and has extended its lead of the Sunday market in the North Island by 52,000 readers in the last 12 months.

The quality of the Herald brand audience has improved in the last 12 months and remains the best way for advertisers to reach a large scale quality audience based on Personal Income $100K+, Top 3 Occupations, Home Owners and Tertiary Educated.

APN’s network of regional daily newspapers engage with 182,000 people on average each day in print and the digital footprint continues to grow across regions, with 580,000 monthly unique browsers in April on regional websites, and 248,000 on mobile – an increase of 52% in the last twelve months.

New Idea has performed well on the previous survey, growing its audience by 6,000 readers, to 384,000 readers each week.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Kursten Shalfoon

Chief Marketing Officer

APN NZ Media

09 373 6400


*Important information:Readership: Readership results are measured independently by Nielsen Media Research as part of the Consumer & Media Insights survey. The survey is a continuous, face to face survey based on a representative sample of 12,000 New Zealanders aged 10 years and older. Readership results are released quarterly based on a rolling 12-month sample.

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