Radio Sport

New Zealand's premier sport station targeting sports fans 30-64. 

You need a Radio Sport listener on your pub quiz team. Steeped in sports knowledge, they can confidently tell you the year Mohammed Ali came to New Zealand (1979), how many points Dan Carter scored for the All Blacks (1,598) and which year Synchronised Swimming was included i the Olympics (1984). 

It's not just the sports knowledge they bring to the table, Radio Sport fans are classic Kiwis. Social, always keen on a bit of banter and a chance to catch up with mates. 

They'll have you over for a BBQ and the big game because they've got a house primed for entertaining and a huge new TV. Next time you see someone in the supermarket asking their mate if they should throw in an extra pack of sausies, you just know it'll be Radio Sport playing in the car on the way home.   

"Radio Sport fans are classic Kiwis "





Sports fan (Attended in the last month)


SOURCE: GfK Radio Audience Measurement, Commercial Radio Stations, Total 4/2019, M-S 12mn-12mn (unless otherwise stated), AP10+, Cumulative Audience