If you have any questions about Radio Advertising Specifications, please email [email protected]

Alternatively, to talk with someone at NZME. Radio, please contact your local office, details here.


The New Zealand Herald, Weekend Herald, Herald on Sunday, NZME. Local Network Newspapers, and their inserted magazines mainly operate a modular ad system.

Modular advertising is a term used to describe ads that are based on standard fixed sizes and shapes rather than variable columns and centimetres.

Compact, Square Compact and Broadsheet pages are divided into modules, a Compact Page measuring 8x8 modules, a Square Compact 6x6 modules and a Broadsheet page 12x12.

Classified advertising in products such as HeraldHomes, Driven and HeraldJobs can be booked on a column centimetre or per line basis.

Press Ready Material is to be sent to [email protected]    

Digital - Online Ad Units

NZME. Digital offers functional and well-positioned online advertising on its sites. If you would like to explore any options outside of what is on offer, please contact your account manager. Questions regarding digital advertising material may be directed to [email protected]

  • Maximum file sizes apply to creative loaded into third party redirects.
  • Creative files must be included with third party tags.
  • Standard creative is due to [email protected] three working days before the ad is to go live.
  • Rich media is due five days before the ad is due to go live.
  • Please supply a working click-through URL for your ads.
  • We can host HTML 5 creative 
Please refer to the NZME Advertising Terms & Conditions


Mobile Sites and Apps


Notes and Best Practices