Why advertise on the Radio?

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There are many ways that radio advertising can add value to your next campaign:

High Engagement

On average, Kiwis listen to the radio for 97 minutes each day - the second longest time spent consuming, only behind Linear TV#. Listeners are nine times happier and more energised when listening to the radio, and two thirds of radio listeners are open to advertising messages. This is the highest across any form of media. Because of this high level of engagement, radio advertising serves as an excellent platform to drive brand recognition and trust.* In Australia 79% of the population have one or more radios in their home.**

Relevant Advertising in Real Time

What better way to talk to your audience about your new restaurant than while they are in the car on their way home from work, thinking about dinner?

Radio advertising reaches people in real time in a more relevant way than any other medium, especially as time-delayed TV viewing becomes more prevalent.

In Australia, 80% of those living in regional areas agree that radio is the media they turn to for updates and emergency situations.**

Drive Purchase

Radio has the power to influence consumers at the point of purchase. 1 in 3 household shoppers use information in radio advertising to decide where to buy from^!

Cost-Effective Targeting

Use radio to target specific audiences or large groups frequently to generate high return on investment. Radio advertising delivers an average ROI of +17%, more than online (14%) and TV (13%). 

Radio coupled with online advertising is a strong combination, delivering an average ROI of +23%.***

Radio is an Amplifier

There is significant correlation between listening to the radio and internet use - Take advantage of this by directing listeners to your website and increasing the impact of your campaign. People are 6 times more likely to go to an advertiser's website if they've heard them advertise on radio.**** 

Radio advertising has an immediate effect. Over three quarters (78%) of Australians who heard radio ads took some form of digital activity within 24 hours.**

Theatre of the Mind

Capture the imagination of your audience with creative advertising that stays top of mind well after the commercial ends. There's a reason you cannot stop humming that radio jingle on your way to work!

Emotional Connection

People listen to the radio for enjoyment and to boost mood. Reach your audience in a positive state of mind when they are most receptive to brand messaging. Radio listeners are twice as likely to have just one favourite radio station, when compared with other media. 9 in 10 radio listeners would miss their favourite radio show if it was taken off air permanently.~ 

It's Flexible

Whether you want to grow your brand recognition over six months, or just boost sales over a weekend, radio advertising can be adapted to suit any campaign. 


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