Katikati Advertiser

“The Katikati Advertiser is proud to be the community voice of 'Mural Town' New Zealand.

Katikati has a proud Irish history and today is a mix of rural, coastal and horticultural with innovative entrepreneurs making the picturesque town their home."

Chris Steel, Editor, Katikati Advertiser


A catalyst in leading the way, the Katikati Advertiser has a proven history of driving community events and fundraisers for essential services - the idea of painting its unique history on the walls of the town to lift community spirit rose out of the last economic downturn in 1990.

Being the community voice helps make these things happen. Your voice, your community, your newspaper - Katikati Advertiser.

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"Known as the town's ‘bible’, the well-read weekly was established in 1967 and has its finger on the pulse covering what's happening in and around the Western Bay of Plenty from Athenree to Te Puna."


Weekly, Thursday


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