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The New Zealand Herald national news section online & Section A in print, break the latest news and offer in-depth analysis, forthright opinions and insights across all the issues of the day.

Monday to Friday New Zealanders refer to EGN as their point of reference on all that is important in our national life.

The Weekend Herald’s EGN section also features Review and the popular back page Interview.

Herald on Sunday delivers market leading coverage across Auckland and North of Taupo. Credible, concise and covering the latest breaking news stories, Herald on Sunday contains the perfect blend of hard news, entertaining columnists and up-lifting stories from New Zealand and abroad.

NZ Herald Online's National News section covers the latest and most important stories from across New Zealand. Readers come back during the day to see how a story develops across desktop, mobile or apps.

National News provides the perfect option for any wide-reaching campaign - especially those with a Kiwi flavour.

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Source: Nielsen CMI Q3 18 - Q2 19 July 19 AP15+

"The Herald's national news coverage consistently delivers an exceptionally large, broad audience of readers delivering advertisers mass reach."

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