Cultural Bridge

Make the connection and build the conversation with all New Zealanders.

About Cultural Bridge
Cultural Bridge provides an end-to-end service that enables organisations and brands to communicate to New Zealand with the right messaging and translation, through the most effective channels to reach all New Zealanders including the Asian community. Cultural Bridge is delivered through the combined strength of Chen Palmer and NZME:

Chen Palmer
- Public policy experts, and are recognised as trusted and capable partners.
- Asian understanding and legal expertise to ensure the content is right.

- Leading trusted media company.
- Partnered with leading Asian media businesses, NZME has the ability to connect to all New Zealanders.

Cultural Bridge Services

- Development of creative ideas and concepts
- Communication to all New Zealanders
- Delivery of creative for each channel - digital, radio, print etc
- Creation of event and experiential ideas to drive engagement

Legal & public policy
- Translation and communication of public policy for all New Zealanders
- Strong understanding of Asian cultural nuances
- Legal review of creative and messaging

- Planning of media based on target audiences for your campaign
- Leverage Asian media partner businesses and channels to drive reach and engagement
- Book, manage and deliver campaigns

For more information on Cultural Bridge, please contact:
Phone: +64 9 373 6400
Alternatively, to find out more information visit

"Cultural Bridge helps make the connection and builds conversations with all New Zealanders"