25 February, 2016

25 February 2016 – The Herald on Sunday is now New Zealand’s best-read, number one Sunday newspaper, as it and the daily New Zealand Herald buck global trends in recording newspaper readership growth.

The NZ Herald, under editor Murray Kirkness, has grown 1.5% on the previous quarter, to 404,000 readers and the Herald on Sunday, under editor Miriyana Alexander, by 1.3% to 303,000 readers.

The Herald on Sunday now has 8,000 more readers than the Sunday Star-Times, making it the best-read Sunday paper nationally for the first time in its 12-year history. Its market share also increased 1.6 points to 50.6%.

NZME Managing Editor Shayne Currie says the Weekend Herald has also experienced growth following its redesign and revamp late last year.

Readership has again surpassed the 400,000 mark, increasing 3.8% on the previous quarter to 412,000 readers*. This includes growth in the valuable primary and secondary audiences, as well as stronger tertiary readership.

“These are terrific results - it's an especially exciting day for the Herald on Sunday. The paper’s almost always held a strong readership lead in Auckland and the Northern Region, but to be now number one for all of New Zealand is a credit to Miriyana and the editorial and circulation teams dedicated to listening to and meeting readers’ needs.”

NZME’s newspaper brand audience (including regionals) is 2,123,000 (59%), up 5.9% on last year. The Herald's monthly brand audience is 1,930,000 (53.6%), which is an increase of 8.6% year on year**.

This growth continues to be underpinned by strong digital figures with nzherald.co.nz attracting 1.5 million UA's in January. This was up 8% on December 2015 and up 22% on January 2015.***

“This is really pleasing and shows our investment in our new, integrated newsroom – and securing and retaining outstanding journalists and editors across news, business, sport and entertainment – is paying off,” says Currie.

"We have a number of exciting new initiatives set to deliver even better journalism. This latest growth is only the start - it's a great time to be delivering stories and content in innovative and engaging formats."
*Nielsen CMI Q1 – Q4 2015, compared to Q4 14 – Q3 15 (previous quarter), and Q1 – Q4 2014 (last year).
** Herald brand audience is based on The New Zealand Herald’s monthly unduplicated print and digital audience.
*** Nielsen Online Ratings, monthly domestic unique audience, Jan, Dec 2015–Jan 2016

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