Hit Music, Daily Smiles & Positive Feels - Targeting Kiwis 18-39 

ZM listeners earn good money and love having fun with it. They're making big decisions in the next year or so - where to live, work and travel - and they like nothing better than catching up with friends for coffee and a spot of new season shopping. 

You know how there's always that one person in the office that's getting online shopping delivered at work? They're a ZM listener.

Empathetic, on trend, ad on their way up in the world, ZM listeners will help you take the hottest Instagram shot in the queue for the festival. They drink espresso martinis ad go to the gym - they're happy with a bit of inconsistency, because as long as they're not harming anyone else, they're up for a good time. 


"Empathetic, on trend, and on their way up in the world"



Household Shoppers


People 18-39


SOURCE: GfK Radio Audience Measurement, Commercial Radio Stations, Total 1/2020, M-S 12mn-12mn (unless otherwise stated), AP10+, Cumulative Audience