TimeOut, inside Thursday's Herald, has broad appeal and lets readers plan for the weekend and their week ahead.

TimeOut also lives online and on radio, via the TimeOut Entertainment section on nzherald.co.nz and daily TimeOut News updates on radio, which play four times a day across ZM, The Hits, Coast and Mix. 

TimeOut is produced by the Herald's integrated entertainment team, led by Joanna Hunkin and Chris Schulz, supported by feature writers Karl Puschmann, Siena Yates, George Fenwick and Gracie Taylor. 

Through our movie and music reviews, tour announcements and monthly streaming guides, TimeOut tells readers what's new in the world of entertainment and what's good. We deliver weekly hot takes highlighting what's happening now, alongside in-depth features and interviews around the biggest shows to reach our shores. Time is precious and TimeOut endeavours to help readers spend it wisely. 

"TimeOut is the New Zealand Herald’s award-winning* entertainment section, combining the best in film, music, television and live entertainment. TimeOut doesn’t just tell you what’s on, it tells you what’s good. Our readers trust what we say and listen to our recommendations.

"As the country’s leading entertainment magazine, TimeOut gets access to the biggest stars and the biggest shows. Smart, funny and just a little bit cheeky, TimeOut is committed to bringing readers the very best in entertainment."  Joanna Hunkin, NZME Head of Entertainment

*TimeOut was awarded Best Newspaper Inserted Magazine at the 2014 Canon Media Awards and a finalist in 2015.

TimeOut includes

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Television
  • Games & Gadgets
  • 7-day TV listings
  • Monthly streaming guides

Reader Motivation

“The Herald is my daily fix for what’s happening today (shows, music, television), reviews of shows, movies or TV programs).”

“TimeOut lets me plan my week ahead, based around what’s happening in their area.”

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"TimeOut is the place where Herald readers make decisions about how to spend their leisure time."

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