The Hits

Best Music. More Variety. 

The Hits listeners are females 30-49. They rely on The Hits hosts for the cheeky anter they used to get over a glass of rosé with the girls at 2am. No time for that now though - their focus is family and they've got a household to run. They're getting the kids to ballet and soccer. making sure meals are on the table, and getting into the office on time. 

This audience always has a spare safety pin in their handbag in case of emergency, right next to the Panadol. They're busy, fun, and they keep New Zealand running. 

They shop hard and love a deal - particularly if it'll get them the essentials they need or an upgrade they've been eyeing.  


"They're busy, fun, and they keep New Zealand running"



Household Shoppers




SOURCE: GfK Radio Audience Measurement, Commercial Radio Stations, Total 4/2019, M-S 12mn-12mn (unless otherwise stated), AP10+, Cumulative Audience