iHeartRadio - at the centre of great content with 1 Million registered users.

iHeartRadio allows users to access the world of music, radio and podcasts in one simple free app.

iHeartRadio offers listeners the opportunity to access hundreds of live radio stations like ZM, Radio Hauraki, Flava, The Hits, Coast, Mix, Newstalk ZB, and Hokonui from within New Zealand, as well as hundreds more from Australia and North America. 

Through iHeartRadio users can also create their own customised stations based on their favourite artist or song from a catalogue of 20 million songs and is number one in NZ for podcasting.

iHeartRadio New Zealand has extended its advertising offering to now allow advertisers to reach their customers on a granular level, using digital audience targeting. 

iHeartRadio New Zealand groups users’ first-party data based on gender, age, location and listening behaviour.  Audio ads can then be created and placed specifically to talk directly to a chosen audience, based on an advertiser’s defined target. This is an advantage for advertisers wanting to target multiple markets at any given time, but just as effective for niche businesses who know exactly who they want to hear their adverts.

Advantage of iHeartRadio advertising 

  • Ads are now purchased as digital impressions on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis.

  • Zero wastage – ads are only played one to one when someone from your target audience is listening.

  • Advertisers receive better reporting and accountability when ads are played.

  • Do you want to target multiple target audience groups? We can tailor each ad to suit your audience groups - no more ‘one size fits all’.

  • Campaigns are made to suit your budget, big or small.

  • iHeartRadio listeners have minimal resistance to advertising.

No radio ad? No worries!

We have a group of talented voices and writers who help create your 30 second ad in-house – for free.

Get in touch with your Media Specialist today or email advertise@nzme.co.nz!


To discover iHeartRadio for yourself, go to www.iHeartradio.co.nz

*iHeartMedia June 2020.

**iHeartMedia, AdsWizz (AudioMetrix / + Spreaker (includes NZME podcasts on all podcatchers) June 2020.

"iHeartRadio puts more than 1,900 live stations, 20 million songs and 800,000 artists at the fingertips of more than 819,000 * registered users (and growing!)"

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