Herald Lifestyle

Herald Lifestyle covers the latest in home and garden, hot tips for health, beauty and wellbeing, and what’s new in relationships, recipes and books.

The Lifestyle section of the NZ Herald is slightly female skewed, and reaches New Zealanders with a high household income. These are readers who are likely to be in high socio households and engage with the lifestyle content on nzherald.co.nz for a light break in their busy day.

Herald Lifestyle includes

  •   Lifestyle
  •   Fashion & Beauty
  •   Wellbeing
  •   Relationships
  •   Comments
  •   Design & Build
  •   Food & Wine
  •   Recipes
  •   Viva Magazine
  •   Design & Garden
  •   Restaurant Guide
  •   HeraldHomes
  •   Books
  •   Promotions

Reader Motivation

“Lifestyle is about escapism – a break from the daily ritual.”


SOURCE: Nielsen Online Ratings Monthly Unique Audience Feb 2020

"Get your brand alongside the freshest trends in the world of food, fashion and wine."

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