Easy to listen to. The soundtrack for a relaxing day, targeting females 40+

Coast isn't just about the music. Whether Jase & Bernie are sharing what's on this weekend, Lorna's telling listeners about a new holiday destination, or they're hearing songs that played at their high school after-ball, Coast is the perfect mix of popular hits, life experience and great company. 

More time for vineyard concerts. more time for Sydney weekends. And more time to thrash the kids at Trivial Pursuit. Life is good. 

Comfortably off, this audience is often found at the bach over the weekend, and they're aiming to cut back their hours at work so they can spend more time up there in future.  

"The perfect mix of popular hits, life experiences and great company "



Empty Nesters


Household Shoppers


SOURCE: GfK Radio Audience Measurement, Commercial Radio Stations, Total 4/2019, M-S 12mn-12mn (unless otherwise stated), AP10+, Cumulative Audience