NZME is the exclusive contact point to reach a broad diverse audience across multiple channels

NZME can assist you and your next campaign to reach a diverse audience you've never been able to reach and to top it all off, it's all delivered through your existing point of contact at NZME. 

How Diverse Audiences work

NZME Diverse Audiences works by taking your existing campaign with NZME and adding the Diverse Audiences elements to target a range of audiences across multiple channels. 
Some of our current partners include Chinese Herald, SkyKiwi, WTV, HouGarden, The Korea Post, Indian Weekender, Humm FM, Pacific Media Network.


NZME Diverse Audiences works across all brands within the NZME portfolio. We also work with other organisations - such as Chen Palmer - to ensure delivery of your brand message is translated correctly and effectively.

To advertise with NZME Diverse Audiences please contact:

[email protected]

Phone: +64 9 373 6400