With over 150 years of experience in creating engaging, relevant & newsworthy content, we not only have a firm foundation for strong storytelling here at NZME, we also have a firm grasp of the kinds of stories audiences want to consume – and, more importantly, where and how they want to consume them.

So, what is content? The way we see it, it’s everything and anything across (and beyond) our ecosystem of channels and platform interfaces that audiences engage with. Video? Yep, we do that. Long-form journalistic content pieces? Yes, we’ve got that covered, too. NZ Herald? Radio? Imagery? Virtual reality? Mixed media? Yes to them all. When looking at the best solution for our clients to fulfil their goals, we think cross-functionally – not one dimensionally. That’s our secret sauce.

Since launching our content marketing team here at NZME, we’ve taken 5 branded content products to market – all of which can be (and should be) built to order dependent on client objectives and consumer needs.

Our current products include:
1. Premium Homepage Native
Our NZ Herald Premium Native placement not only up sizes the reach of your content, it also acts as a true workhorse for driving consumer engagement. Sitting, the fourth story down on nzherald.co.nz, your content is shown alongside pure editorial content. It’s written by our experienced journalists to ensure journalistic integrity, and is visible across desktop, mobile and our NZ Herald app for a full 24 hours from launch. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your story performs well – optimizing throughout the day. Premium Native is placed in the most high-traffic environment we’ve got, guaranteeing lots of cut through for your article. This is perfect for a product launch, the start of a content marketing campaign or if you want to take a stand as a thought leader in your industry on something topical.

2. Brand Insight
Brand Insight gives you a thought-leadership presence on nzherald.co.nz. Why Brand Insight? Build your profile, position your company as the leaders in your field and influence a quality audience. That’s why! With a regular presence on nzherald.co.nz, Brand Insight works hard over time to build equity in your brand’s voice through expert commentary on your industry, thought leadership, and beyond.

3. Brand Feature
Brand Feature our premier content marketing offering. More than a single story or cluster of articles, this is a major journalistic endeavor which hinges upon the creation of a bold, beautiful piece of multi-media branded content which sits on NZHerald.co.nz. It can feature a mixture of research projects, illustrations, photography, info-graphics, imbedded video and audio. The parts of the whole are all dependent on your business goals and strategic objectives. Brand Features are promoted across NZME extensively over a period of time specified around client needs. Amplification could include premier placement in the “waterfall” on nzherald.co.nz, digital drivers to targeted audiences, social media promotion, and inclusion on radio as well as in our print newspaper.

4. Sponsored Stories
Don’t let your content get lost in the press release pile! With Sponsored Stories and Recommended Content your content can be seen across multiple NZME channels and placements - including nzherald.co.nz, viva.co.nz and bite.co.nz.

We have two options for sponsored content:
1) Sponsored Stories which gets you into a relevant editorial flow and
2) Recommended Content which is placed in the editorial footer allowing users to click offsite.

5. Content Partnership
Content Partnerships involve significant integrated content, often across all NZME’s assets – over a timeframe that we will work with you on defining specific to your individual needs. To create a successful partnership, we work with you to design bespoke content campaigns that drive a reaction, either directly for you or for distribution across NZME’s wide portfolio of platforms. As with other products, we closely monitor content success and optimise content over the campaign lifetime to drive meaningful engagement and strong results.

Have questions? Fab! We’d love to hear from you and work alongside you.

To get in touch, drop us a line to [email protected]

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