26 October, 2012

The results from Nielsen’s Consumer & Media Insights survey, released today, reveal that APN’s market position has been bolstered by increased audiences among our marquee brands, across both print and online.

APN’s news and entertainment brands connect with 71% (2.7m) of all New Zealanders each week, up 35,000 compared to this time last year.

The New Zealand Herald Experiences Strong Gains – Prior to Brand Relaunch

The New Zealand Herald’s weekly brand audience has increased by 70,000 people each week, and now engages with 1,365,000 different New Zealanders.

On every single day of the week, the Herald continues to deliver more readers in print, than any other newspaper in the country. Across a week, more people are engaging with the Herald than this time last year, increasing by 8,000 to 1,018,000 people - reaching 553,000 on a typical day.

Traffic to Herald content through our iPad and smartphone apps has more than doubled over this period, and the Herald’s mobile site traffic has increased by 46% to 829,262 UBs in September this year.

Along with strong growth in traffic, our audience is engaging with more content across our digital assets. On average our audience viewed 145 Herald pages on iPads last month, an increase of 11% on last year. Visitors to the Herald’s smartphone app viewed, on average, 175 pages in September this year, up 52% on last year.

The average unique audience to our award-winning Herald Online website has increased by 7% over Q3 2012, when compared to the previous quarter.

APN CEO Martin Simons applauds The New Zealand Herald’s ability to grow audience at a critical stage in its existence “We are thrilled to see such strong results for the Herald, especially given the fact these results were achieved largely prior to the print edition re-launching into compact format during the week, and the significant redesign of nzherald.co.nz.”

Herald on Sunday Gains in Readership and Circulation

Once again, the Herald on Sunday is the only Sunday newspaper to have experienced an increase in both readership and circulation on last year. It now delivers more readers than the rest of the Sunday market combined, both in Auckland and right across the Northern Region.

Connecting with 384,000 New Zealanders each week, Herald on Sunday’s readership has increased by 2,000 readers on last year. Its audience has grown by 10,000 in the Northern Region, to 362,000 delivering 5,000 more readers than the two other Sunday titles combined. Herald on Sunday has experienced similarly strong growth in Auckland, increasing 11,000, to 252,000 readers – 9,000 ahead of the rest of the combined Sunday market.

Circulation figures, released by ABC today, reflect the strong performance of Herald on Sunday, sales climbing 3% (+3,060), to 102,031 copies on average each week.


More New Zealanders are engaging with APN’s magazine titles, now reaching 1,491,000 New Zealanders, an increase of 7,000 people on the same time last year.

Our flagship title, the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, has grown its audience by 25,000 people each week, connecting with 808,000 people. A significant proportion of this growth was experienced in the Auckland market, where its readership increased by 18% on last year. The Weekly continues to achieve growth to its website, with its unique audience increasing by 10% in September this year.

Our youth titles, Creme and Girlfriend continue to post positive results. Creme has added 16,000 new readers on this time last year, taking its audience to 169,000, and connecting with 46% of all girls 10-14yrs. Girlfriend’s audience is up a significant 20% on last year, adding 33,000 readers, boosting its base to 200,000.

Martin Simons, CEO APN NZ Media, Tel : 09 373 6400

*Important information:
Readership: Readership results are measured independently by Nielsen Media Research as part of the Consumer & Media Insights survey. The survey is a continuous, face to face survey based on a representative sample of 12,000 New Zealanders aged 10 years and older. Readership results are released quarterly based on a rolling 12-month sample.

Circulation: The measurement of newspaper and magazine sales is administered by the NZ Audit Bureau of Circulation. Circulation results for magazines and newspapers have previously been released bi-annually based on a 6-month period. From June 2011, newspaper publishers will now release circulation quarterly based on a rolling 12-month period to align with readership results. Circulation for newspapers will be independently audited on an annual basis with publisher statements based on agreed circulation guidelines issued on a quarterly basis. For more information please refer to the official NZ Audit Bureau of Circulation website:

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