13 August, 2012

APN New Zealand has today announced it will revamp its nzherald website, launch a new social reader for Facebook and improve its applications for mobile and tablet users to deliver a more innovative approach to news across its digital platforms.

The improved applications and developments are all set to go live from Monday 10 September, to coincide with the launch of the weekday New Zealand Herald in new, compact format.

And to help keep readers and advertisers informed on the most significant changes being made to the company’s print and online products for a decade, the Herald has launched a new microsite, nzherald.co.nz/themoreyouknow.

The site will be regularly updated, enabling readers to follow the evolution of their most trusted news brand.

Commenting on the changes, Spencer Bailey, General Manager APN Digital said:

“The changing digital landscape requires an innovative approach to content, and we must be continually evolving to meet the digital demand.”

The new home page for nzherald will introduce a cleaner and more contemporary design, making it easier to find the most important stories of the day, with clear signposting of the latest and most popular news pieces. “Our readers are accessing news content 24 hours a day, seven days a week, across print, online, mobile phones and tablets,” says Bailey.

“It is essential that our evolution takes all of these platforms into consideration to ensure the best, integrated approach to delivering news.”

The social reader for Facebook is a first in the New Zealand market, allowing readers to engage with Herald content without leaving Facebook.

Facebook users will be able to view nzherald content based on personal interests or content popular with friends.

Readers will be able to prioritise, share and rate news in relation to how they feel – happy, sad, inspired, angry etc.

“Ultimately, what we are providing is even more ways for our readers to engage with our content and have their say,” says Bailey.

“Best of all, it gives readers control. Unlike other social readers, you don’t automatically have to share stories with your friends.

You can decide what and when you share.”

The improvements to the Herald’s mobile and tablet applications will give readers greater ability to interact with the Herald’s printed editions.

New applications will include scanners to match featured Quick Response codes (QR codes) on selected articles in the Herald’s print editions.

These codes will give readers easy access to complementary digital content such as video, photo galleries and polls.

“We have actively sought feedback from the online community through hundreds of hours of in-depth consumer interviews and product testing to ensure all our new offerings further enhance our reader’s experience,” says Bailey.

“We’re really excited about our new digital initiatives and believe they all show an ongoing commitment to delivering high quality and relevant platforms for our readers.”

For more detailed information please visit nzherald.co.nz/themoreyouknow


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