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“The Northern Advocate strives to live up to its masthead, to advocate for its Northland readers. We confront the bad, celebrate the good, and tell it like it is.

Seven days a week in print and online we inform, entertain and challenge our readers. We break Northland’s news first. In 2014 we were adjudged the country’s best regional newspaper. We were “rowdy” and “passionate”, and firmly ensconced in our beautiful region, the judges said.

Whether it’s telling our region’s stories, or reaching potential clients for our advertisers, we work hard to give our readers and advertisers little choice but to connect with our paper, and with our region.”

Craig Cooper, Editor, The Northern Advocate


Founded in 1875 The Northern Advocate is the dominant daily newspaper in the Northland region, serving the community with a tradition of stability, innovation and growth in providing news coverage of the important issues for the north. The Northern Advocate has a proud history of innovation and continues to be the voice for Northlanders. The Northern Advocate is distributed from Wellsford through to Kaitaia.

In addition to the print publication, provides a digital presence for the region, with advertising opportunities available.


The Northern Advocate includes

  • Monday: TV Guide
  • Thursday: Property Guide, The Land
  • Friday: Motoring
  • Saturday: Savvy fashion and lifestyle magazine (first Saturday of the month)

The Northern Advocate also publishes

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"The Northern Advocate was awarded Newspaper of the Year at the 2014 Canon Media Awards."

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