Rotorua Weekender

"Rotorua is a fascinating city with a diverse population.

It is a centre of Maori culture and is home to the Te Arawa iwi.  
The Bay of Plenty city is a popular place for locals and travelers alike with incredible geothermal wonders alongside lakes, forests and mountains to explore."

Georgina Harris, Editor, Rotorua Weekender

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A sister paper to the Rotorua Daily Post, the weekly edition is published on Fridays with a mix of news, columns and regular features, focusing on people in the Rotorua community.

Consumer Perception

Rotorua Weekender presents a very diverse readership profile, with readers of all ages. A significant proportion of its readers are main household shoppers, reflecting a female skew in its reader profile.


Source: Nielsen CMI Fused Q416 - Q317 October 2017 AP15+

"The Rotorua Weekender is the city’s community paper, bringing local voices and stories to readers across Rotorua."

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