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Nursing Review keeps its finger on the pulse of nursing in New Zealand.

We continue to cut through jargon and politics to provide thoroughly researched, succinct, and always readable articles on issues that matter to nurses. We take pride in being not only a respected ‘great read’ for nurses – particularly senior nurse professionals with decision-making powers – but also a go-to website for topical news and opinions and an active social media presence.

Nursing Review now has a sharpened focus on what nurses have asked for in a recent survey, plus a fabulous, new-look website that had 98,769 unique visitors and 120,146 page views in 2016/2017.

Over its five themed issues per year – Healthy Year Ahead, International Nurses Day/Innovation, Long-Term Conditions/Aged Care, Learning & Leading Wound Care & Infection Control/Child & Youth Health – 25,500 copies of Nursing Review magazine are distributed to nurses and members of the New Zealand College of Nurses at all levels in various locations, including every ward at every major hospital in New Zealand and every general practice in the country.

We also email weekly newsletters comprising the latest news, opinions and articles of vital interest to our readers.

Nursing Review’s print and digital material includes these sections:

  •         Nursing news
  •         Professional development
  •         Innovation and technology
  •         Leadership and management
  •         Students and new graduates
  •         Opinions
  •         Conferences and events

 we provide feature articles on our wide-ranging ‘Focus’ topics, and our popular FREE PD article and learning activity series, produced as a service to our readers."

Fiona Cassie, Editor, Nursing Review

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""Nursing Review now has a sharpened focus on what nurses have asked for...""