With both a permanent digital section on NZ Herald Online and a print publication the last Monday of each month in The New Zealand Herald, Element aims to inspire and guide Kiwis to transform New Zealand into the healthiest, most liveable destination on the planet.

Element’s integrated media solutions are tailored to target consumers that are now committed to buying and supporting ethical, natural and sustainable brands and products.

Element magazine

Element magazine is the biggest sustainability publication and second biggest business publication in New Zealand. It is inserted in The New Zealand Herald on the last Monday of every month and is known for its quality journalism.

In addition, Element is distributed nationally to a targeted list of business leaders, MP’s and key influencers.

Element Online

elementmagazine.co.nz sits in its own section on nzherald.co.nz within National news, the best read section of the site, as well as within Environment. The combined reach of these sections together, instantly make it the best read sustainability site in New Zealand.

Content runs across appropriate sections of nzherald.co.nz so it reaches additional readers.

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Advertising opportunities

Editorial Promotions: High quality editorial features written by Element’s expert writers and include marketing and ROI objectives. The content and design is signed off by the client and they are clearly marked as an Element Promotion. Content is also loaded to elementmagazine.co.nz.

Opinion Pieces: Are perfect if you have an important story to tell, want to position a staff member as an expert, or increase their personal profile. This is a full page column and includes a headshot of the author and your company contact details. It is also loaded to nzherald.co.nz. Element can also find the perfect ghost writer to write the column on your behalf.

Content Marketing: A strategic Public Relations campaign that reinforces the industry your brand is involved in but is not specifically about the brand. It’s a 12 month content plan is created with the client that is designed to educate and influence Element readers about a certain subject over the duration of the campaign.

Element print and digital ads are available in a variety of sizes and price points. Refer to the specifications, rates and deadlines for more information.

The Element eDM: Sent to approximately 5,000 subscribers every Monday. Rate is $750 for an ad placement with website click through.

The size can be variable 170 x 500 (or however many Pixels) to fit a strip down the side of the eDM.

Element Online Wallpaper Takeover: Approximately 10,000 page views per week. Rate of $1,500 per week taken over a month.


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Source: Nielsen CMI Fused Q3 14 - Q2 15 July 15+


"Element magazine is the largest circulating magazine in the health, sustainable lifestyle or ethical business sectors in New Zealand with a digital home at elementmagazine.co.nz"

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