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Viva is the most female skewed section in The New Zealand Herald. These females live in households with high income levels, and are far more likely than average to be in the top socio-economic levels. They look to Viva to be informed on the latest fashion, for inspiration in the kitchen, and what are the latest household interior design trends.

Source: Nielsen CMI Fused Q2 17 - Q1 18 Apr 2018

Female: 63.79%

Male: 36.64%

Top 3 Socios: 69.40%

Top 3 Occupations: 26.29%

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Lifestage One – Dependent Children: 0.86%

Lifestage Two – Independent Young Adults: 10.78%

Lifestage Three – Adults with Young Families: 17.24%

Lifestage Four – Adults with Older Children: 27.59%

Lifestage Five – Empty Nesters: 43.97%

Home Owners: 78.45%

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Viva Online

Audience profile

Viva readers have an incredibly strong connection with the Viva brand which balances the line between aspiration and accessibility. They love to spend on fashion, food and lifestyle items, and have disposable income to enjoy the good things in life. They feel that advertising is part of the experience; being a seamless and cohesive package

Source: Nielsen CMI Fused Q416 - Q317 October 2017