When selling your biggest investment, it's crucial to showcase your home to the broadest possible audience.

HeraldHomes provides coverage of the entire market, allowing you to advertise your biggest asset to buyers outside of your local neighborhood. Putting your property in front of those actively looking but also the all-important passive home buyer.

Saturday's HeraldHomes appeals to readers in most income brackets by featuring not only million-dollar mansions, but also affordable houses in the suburbs, apartments, lifestyle blocks and coastal holiday homes.

Midweek HeraldHomes in Wednesday’s Herald is a standalone lift-out, specialising in residential homes.

Herald on Sunday Homes in the Herald on Sunday features property and practical advice plus listings of gorgeous properties for sale.

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HeraldHomes special features for 2015 include

  • Coast & Country
  • Property Report

Reader Motivation

“HeraldHomes engages with a broad range of consumers – from those actively looking to buy or sell a property, to those who keep a keen interest in the market.”

“The listings provide huge utility and comparable benefits, while property reviews and area profiles provide deeper market context – and is essential in reaching out to passive home buyers.”


Source: Nielsen CMI Fused Q4 14 - Q3 15 September AP15+ *Unduplicated reach based on Wed, Sat + Sun Herald Homes in print only.

"The must-read for anyone buying, selling or just interested in real estate, HeraldHomes profiles a range of city and country properties on the market, and features information to help readers buy and sell their homes."

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